I’ve been married for close to eleven years. A successful marriage is hard. It has many ups and downs, sacrifices, struggles, and pain. It’s also filled with love, great memories, in-jokes, laughs, and great conversation. If for some reason my marriage were ever to end, I don’t think I’d ever want to get married again. That’s why the premise of marrying multiple people, especially a ludicrous number of people that exceeds the population of the Earth, seems completely ridiculous and strange. And yet, here I am, marrying ‘10 Billion Wives‘.

This little mobile game available on both Google Play and the App Store handles its content pretty well. I went into it wondering if they were all going to be “sexy” and demeaning versions of women. They aren’t, actually. While the first “wife” you come across is an “Apron Wife”, there’s also a Soldier, CEO, and Archer. It even gets into the ridiculous with ONI, Zombie, Devil, and Angel. So, obviously, it doesn’t take itself seriously, and neither should you.

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The artwork is simple, consisting of little cutesy cartoons, so no sexy there. The illustrations you unlock are a little more detailed, but even those don’t cross the line into offensive territory for me. The UI is very basic, with a few tabs to get into menus. Most of the game consists of waiting and/or tapping the screen to acquire more “love” so that you can turn in more marriage licenses. Spend your accumulated love to¬†buy your wives gifts to increase their output of love per second, thus gaining more love, etc. etc.

I think my favorite part of ’10 Billion Wives’ is the music. It’s so chill, and reminds me of RPG games I played on the SNES and the Playstation (specifically ‘Breath of Fire 3’). Here’s a basic gameplay video from Youtube user kongbakpao to show you what I mean:

Bummer points include ads that pop up (you can pay to remove them, but I’m not going to) and lagginess. If you tap too fast, it kind of freezes until it can catch up a bit. The ads are easy enough to forget about, but I do keep being reminded of another game from Masukachi Inc. …


Overall, this is a fun, addictive little game. It’s not too time consuming, as you can play it for literally less than a minute at a time if you’d like. I tend to do more waiting around, because I don’t want to develop carpal tunnel from playing a game in which I’m marrying a bunch of women, but that’s up to you. I’m not here to judge.

Screenshot_2016-02-25-13-20-15 (1)
Good on ya, Chance.



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