Women’s History Month – Heroines and Role Models
What Women’s History Month means to me As a woman who was born in the 80s and grew up through the new millennium, I can say I feel spectacularly [...]
Top Searched in 2015
Did you search for any of these? 2015 was a big year, and Google has the most searched items to prove it. As we close this year and look forward to 2016, [...]
Internet and Identity – “Beta Male Rage”
The curious case of The Internet vs Mental Illness “The more you’re in the limelight” Once again we in this country have heard [...]
‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ is upon us, mateys!
“In an honest service there is thin commons, low wages, and hard labor; in this, plenty and satiety, pleasure and ease, liberty and power; and who [...]
Google goes sans serif
If you’ve been to Google in the past week, and chances are you have, you may have noticed something different. Their logo. They even came out with a [...]