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Unpopular Opinion: I’m FAT, not “Big and Beautiful”
I am fat, and I don’t feel good about myself for it. I’m 5’5” and 193lbs, which puts me at a BMI of 32. I wear (depending on the [...]
What version of Joker and Harley’s relationship will be in ‘Suicide Squad’?
Ah, Harley and Joker. One of the most iconic couples in geekdom, and one of the most screwed up relationships on the planet. With the release of the [...]
We are all humans, and we are all equal.
Today there was an argument… I am fortunate enough to have both a son and a daughter. They’re both completely different people, but both have [...]
Where did I go?!
  Hey guys! Sorry for the long break. It’s summer, and that means it’s crazy around here, but we’re getting back to some semblance [...]
I admit it… I’m playing WoW again (and I re-found my fave weapon)
I know, I know. I told myself, “Never again”. After quitting ‘World of Warcraft’ TWICE, and feeling burned by Blizzard for more [...]
cross processed image of a wedding couple holding hands
’10 Billion Wives’ – Mobile Review
I’ve been married for close to eleven years. A successful marriage is hard. It has many ups and downs, sacrifices, struggles, and pain. It’s [...]
‘Acceptance’ – MGO Book Club – March 2016
Alrighty, guys, we’re at the final book in the ‘Southern Reach’ Trilogy. It’s time for ‘Acceptance’ by author Jeff [...]
Future Tech – GLaDOS takes the cake
I’m usually very excited about new tech. With things like VR and 3D printing, it seems like we’re opening ourselves up to large strides in the [...]
Equality in Gaming (and other tech fields)
For the most part, I’ve been pretty quiet on issues dealing with feminism, mostly referring to other articles or points of view instead of writing my [...]
‘Authority’ – MGO Book Club – February 2016
  Alrighty, guys. I’m continuing the Southern Reach Trilogy by initiating ‘Authority’ (Book 2) as the successor for the MGO Book [...]