Unpopular Opinion: I’m FAT, not “Big and Beautiful”
I am fat, and I don’t feel good about myself for it. I’m 5’5” and 193lbs, which puts me at a BMI of 32. I wear (depending on the [...]
Where did I go?!
  Hey guys! Sorry for the long break. It’s summer, and that means it’s crazy around here, but we’re getting back to some semblance [...]
I admit it… I’m playing WoW again (and I re-found my fave weapon)
I know, I know. I told myself, “Never again”. After quitting ‘World of Warcraft’ TWICE, and feeling burned by Blizzard for more [...]
‘Acceptance’ – MGO Book Club – March 2016
Alrighty, guys, we’re at the final book in the ‘Southern Reach’ Trilogy. It’s time for ‘Acceptance’ by author Jeff [...]
Future Tech – GLaDOS takes the cake
I’m usually very excited about new tech. With things like VR and 3D printing, it seems like we’re opening ourselves up to large strides in the [...]
My final “Goodbye” to Cortana
A personal account of a year spent in the Windows Phone environment Meeting Cortana I was on a small ship in the ocean. There were plenty of other boats [...]
Web Show of the Month – ‘The Diamond Minecart’ – January 2016
If you’re looking for a gaming channel that centers on ‘Minecraft’ that’s (for the most part) family friendly, then you need to be [...]
Hanukkah: A Crash Course
I just spent all day decorating my house with Christmas lights. Though I’m not particularly religious myself, I have always celebrated Christmas. [...]
Make it so, make it so, make it so~
Ah, Christmas Carols. Really, any holiday music. The stores may start it earlier and earlier every year, but there’s no denying that we love them. We [...]
Geek Chic – The many facets of Geek fashion
I have never claimed to be a fashion icon. However, walking through the Halloween aisles and seeing a “geek” section made me roll my eyes. [...]