Thirty one years ago…
October 15th is my birthday. This year, I’m turning thirty one. Being in my thirties has changed my view on a lot of things from even ten years ago. [...]
‘Dhampir’ (Noble Dead) – MGO Book Club – October 2015
If you’re into vampires and vampire lore, then you’re well aware of what a Dhampir is. For those of you who don’t know, a dhampir is a [...]
Web Show of the Month – “Nerdy Nummies” – October 2015
If you’re anything like me, when you think “October” your mind immediately jumps to “Halloween”. And the best part of [...]
The ‘Mandela Effect’ has fried my brain
I’ve been sitting here trying to find a good way to start this article. Unfortunately, my brain has melted due to the WTF factor in everything [...]
Lucky Dice – Holiday Heads Up
It’s starting to be that time of year, where consumerism reigns and deals are made. So, why not get something worth it for yourself, or your loved [...]
Courtesy The Saber Authority -- Facebook
Lightsaber Dreams
So, I was just scrolling through Facebook, like you do, when one of my friends posted a link from ‘The Best of Tumblr’. I actually do have a [...]
Gaming comes in all shapes and sizes
Games in the real world – Building better strategists
Both people who enjoy video games and those who prefer board or tabletop games have known something that non-players haven’t for a long time – [...]
This furniture is AWESOME!
So, I was just perusing the internet, when I came across THIS at THIS WEBSITE. So, I had to share. Geek Chic Furniture has TONS of awesome stuff just like [...]