Both people who enjoy video games and those who prefer board or tabletop games have known something that non-players haven’t for a long time – there’s a TON of strategy that goes into playing most games. Sure, you get your games that require the thinking capacity it takes to enjoy “Ass – The Movie” (kudos if you get that), but for most games it takes more than a little skill and a lot of brain power in order to win, ESPECIALLY if you’re playing against others who have played for a long time. It takes even more thinking to realize exactly why you may not be winning, and what you can do to correct it.


 Gaming comes in all shapes and sizes
Gaming comes in all shapes and sizes

So, it’s nice to get some recognition once in awhile from “mainstream” folks who praise gaming circles, be that of digital or analog. I found this article from the Harvard Business Review which breaks down all the reasons gaming can lead to you becoming a better strategist in business, and why it could be helpful to encourage gaming amongst management. Huzzah! Can you imagine playing Risk at work? Having a lunch meeting where you all bring in your custom painted Warhammer figures? How awesome would that be? Not only would it build teamwork, but it would get the wheels turning in your head as well. While that’s pretty awesome to think about, I’m pretty sure that apps like this one will be more widespread than people bringing in cases of materials.

Good gaming aficionados learn their craft and play to the best of their abilities. Great ones instantly recognize their mistakes and catalogue it in their brains for the next opportunity. Building this kind of dynamic brain function could help managers and others recognize mistakes in the workplace more quickly, and fix them more efficiently.

Way to go, HBR! Thank you for recognizing a community for more than just people playing with cards, numbers, or controllers, and encouraging the practice of learning fun and team building using strategy gaming. Hopefully, we’ll start seeing people rolling dice on Wall Street soon.


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