I have never claimed to be a fashion icon. However, walking through the Halloween aisles and seeing a “geek” section made me roll my eyes. Geeks are so much more than taped glasses and suspenders. Sure, go ahead and wear the costume. It doesn’t offend me. It’s just way off the mark.

You see, there are so many types of geek to be, there are just as many styles of fashion. So let’s go through some of my personal faves.

Video Gamer Geek

You knew this one was first. But it’s my favorite for a reason other than it’s the biggest type of geek I identify with. There are so many facets to it, and that doesn’t even include cosplay. Dressing as a gamer geek means you can wear only a gaming influenced necklace, or an entire ensemble. Here’s some¬†examples of single piece wear that would look good with any outfit.

Gamer Geek
Spiritual Stones from The Pixel Smithy
Custom NES controller canvas shoes from Etsy
World of Warcraft sparkle high heels from Etsy










If you want an entire outfit, but you don’t quite want to cosplay on a Wednesday at work, there are plenty of fashion blogs that put together outfits based on video game characters that would look great in any situation. My personal favorite is “Console to Closet”, which you can find at the link here. These are a few of my picks.



Board Gamer Geek

There’s more than one way to play a game. Before video games there were board and tabletop games, which also have their own fashion and inside jokes.

Bag of Holding from ThinkGeek


D20 Necklace
Dungeon Mistress shirt









Book Geeks

Plenty to choose from here. There are so many cool pieces of apparel that have to do with the wonder of books. Granted, books have been around for centuries, but only lately can you find so much to express your love of the imagination.

‘Sherlock Holmes’ Text covered infinity scarf
‘Hamlet’ leggings
Inspired by ‘Harry Potter’











Tom’s Book Inspired shoes
Mockingjay bracelet from ‘The Hunger Games’










Comic Geeks

Full of color, comics are an inspiration for fashion. You can find it EVERYWHERE, especially since comic inspired movies have poured into popular culture.

Batman tights
Comic heels
Various outfits inspired by comic characters










Ironman tank
Hawkeye inspired outfit


Sci-Fi Geeks

Once again, sci-fi brings a ton to the table with loads of great stories from books to TV to movies. And of course, along with plenty of plot lines there are also plenty of clothing items.

Star Trek ring
R2D2 heels
A collection of Dr. Who inspired fashion









Fantasy Geeks

A lot of fantasy revolves around nature and beauty, so fashion is not a far step. Check out some of these fantastic fantasy pieces.

Over the knee leather boots
Black and white tunic
“Lady of the Ocean” fantasy inspired bracelet











The point is, there’s SO MUCH out there beyond suspenders and pocket protectors. Geeks are everywhere, and there are PLENTY of ways to express that. Click the above pictures if you’d like more details on everything I’ve posted.


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