This post is for cinefiles and folklorists alike.

We’ve all heard of Santa, right? Jolly dude, has a beard and an affinity for giving presents to good kids who leave him cookies? Ok, we’ve got that settled. How about Krampus? Ever heard of him? Here’s a breakdown:

In German-speaking Alpinefolklore, Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure. According to traditional narratives around the figure, Krampus punishes children during the Christmas season who had misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards well-behaved ones with gifts. Regions in the Austrian diaspora feature similar figures and, more widely, Krampus is one of a number of Companions of Saint Nicholas in regions of Europe. (via Wikipedia)

Here’s a greeting card from the early 1900s featuring the dude¬†himself stealing a child who’s been a very naughty boy:


Well, now this shadowy figure of folklore is coming to life, thanks to Legendary Pictures¬†(the company who brought you ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘Superman Returns’, ‘The Hangover’, and ‘Beerfest’). Watch the trailer below, and decide for yourself whether or not you’re going to watch it. I know I will, just for the reason of saying I watched a Christmas horror movie that didn’t actually involve Santa.


‘Krampus’ comes out December 4th, just in time to enjoy for the holidays. Will you be seeing it? Let me know in the comments!


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