So, I was just scrolling through Facebook, like you do, when one of my friends posted a link from ‘The Best of Tumblr’. I actually do have a Tumblr, but I don’t use it much. Still I checked out the link, which was a 12 second video of a lightsaber fight. It’s definitely topical, what with Star Wars Episode 7 coming up. (Squee!)

Cool enough I suppose, but I wanted to find the original video the clip was from, and I did. Oh my GOD I did. And it’s almost two minutes of cosmic bliss. Watch it below.


This was posted two months ago, and somehow has only achieved 200k views. Seriously? With Episode 7 just around the corner, you’d think it’d have more. Plus, OMG LIGHTSABER FIGHT. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Do you know how badly I want to go buy a bunch of lightsabers now? I’m kicking myself for not even owning one. HOW COOL WOULD THIS BE? Just get a whole bunch of people together, maybe getting some coffee, or playing Ingress or something, and then BAM! LIGHTSABER FIGHT! I’m so there.

Courtesy The Saber Authority -- Facebook
Courtesy The Saber Authority — Facebook

Unfortunately for myself and tons of other Star Wars geeks out there, The Saber Authority¬† (check them out at the link for more cool videos or to order YOUR OWN LIGHTSABER) isn’t located in America. It’s in Singapore, because of course it is. There they run The Force Academy, which teaches¬†real life sword techniques with lightsabers, along with footwork and other swordfighting skills. Practical? Probably not. Cool as hell? Definitely.


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