Did somebody say... LINKS?! LINK PARTY!!!
Did somebody say… LINKS?! LINK PARTY!!!


This list of links will grow as discoveries of other sites grow. Take a look of some other neat websites out there!


Computer Guru Radio Show – Free tech support and tech news updated weekly, with live shows on Saturday mornings.

Player.me – A social site for gamers that combines the best of Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch.

Video Game Voters Network – Because it’s important to vote.

Geek and Sundry – Because there’s a lot of awesome there.

Thinkgeek – Yes, I know they were bought out, but they still have some cool stuff. 😀

Dude, I Want That – Just check it out and thank me later.

Patrick Scott Patterson – This guy is awesome, and you should check him out.

Myssiing Writes – This is my old blog, which you can still read.

Homestuck – It’s a webcomic. It’s my favorite. It’s not for everyone, but still give it a shot if you have some free time.

Gridland – This is a very simple game, yet SO addicting.

Agar.io – Eat or be eaten. Another simple, addicting, frustrating game.

ESRB Ratings – If you ever want to know the rating of a game, look here!

PartyCloud – Pretend to be a DJ!