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Equality in Gaming (and other tech fields)
For the most part, I’ve been pretty quiet on issues dealing with feminism, mostly referring to other articles or points of view instead of writing my [...]
“The Legend of Zelda”: The first 30 years
The very first game that started me into the world of gaming was not ‘Zelda’. In fact, I had already been playing some games on the [...]
Puppymonkeybaby – The Phenomenon that swept Superbowl 50
Disturbing stunt, or genius advertising? (Okay, before I get into this, you have to see the commercial or you won’t know what I’m talking [...]
‘Authority’ – MGO Book Club – February 2016
  Alrighty, guys. I’m continuing the Southern Reach Trilogy by initiating ‘Authority’ (Book 2) as the successor for the MGO Book [...]
RIP L. Ron Hubbard – Celebrity Death Sharing
Celebrity death – Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, better known as L. Ron Hubbard and often referred to by his initials, LRH, was an American author and the [...]
My final “Goodbye” to Cortana
A personal account of a year spent in the Windows Phone environment Meeting Cortana I was on a small ship in the ocean. There were plenty of other boats [...]
Web Show of the Month – ‘The Diamond Minecart’ – January 2016
If you’re looking for a gaming channel that centers on ‘Minecraft’ that’s (for the most part) family friendly, then you need to be [...]
‘Annihilation’ – MGO Book Club – January 2016
It’s a new year and we’re back with a new book! I didn’t have a December 2015 book because of the holidays, but I’ve got a really [...]
Top Searched in 2015
Did you search for any of these? 2015 was a big year, and Google has the most searched items to prove it. As we close this year and look forward to 2016, [...]
You won’t BELIEVE what I’m calling 2015 the year of!
Ah, 2015. You’re almost over. There’s been a lot of fads that have come and gone, and there’s one in particular that has pissed me off [...]