(Just a quick little poem I wrote up one morning. Enjoy!!)

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I used to have technology when all of it was new,
The latest games – the smartest phones – and funky gadgets, too.
Through the years, progressively, the “newness” has grown old
As other things have taken place of new things I can hold.

First it was my husband, and then it was a car.
We had big dreams of taking it to places near and far.
But, work came first – and so we did – for money we could save,
And every time we got a bill my heart would rant and rave.

Then came my precious baby, and soon I had another.
I never knew just how I’d feel when I became a mother.
They needed me, as I did them, and so we did provide
The things they’d need to grow and learn, and just to stay alive.

Bottles took the place of phones, games turned into toys,
Gadgets became clothes and shoes – and objects that made noise.
The years went by and they required more and more for school,
Backpacks, pens and paper – all manner of learning tool.

Every time my car would break or a loan I had to pay,
I’d look and see that more “new” stuff would come out every day.
My priorities had had to change, but that certainly didn’t mean
That the gloss of “new” didn’t go right by completely unseen.

I still have to make lunches, and rush them off to school
But, just because I am “Mom” doesn’t mean that I’m not cool.
Someday I’ll have a Tesla, a Pixel, or other “stuff”,
It just may take me longer, when life isn’t so rough.

At that time my husband and I will take that long dreamed trip
We’ll look back at the things that we thought made us so “hip”.
And then we’ll laugh because we’ll know that all the “new” things go
But we’ll still have each other, our children, and our home.


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