I’ve always really liked all the ‘Star Wars’ stuff. I wouldn’t consider myself a “super fan”, because I haven’t sat and collected a ton of SW collectibles or learned all of the lore by heart, but I have watched all of the movies several times, read through Wookieepedia a few times, and played some of the video games. I was okay with some of the prequel stuff, but agree that some of the acting was flat, and that it didn’t seem to fit into the original universe of SW.

But now, as everybody has heard I’m sure, there’s a new movie in town. I watched a 7pm IMAX showing of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ last night, the very first showing of the movie, and it was… AMAZING.

A few key notes (with no spoilers, because seriously, you have to watch this movie):

  • All of the new actors did a supremely awesome job. Casting did a great job making sure these actors would fit into the ‘Star Wars’ universe.
  • Bravo to the original cast, who took up the reins of their characters like they had never sat them down in the first place.
  • The decision by J.J. Abrams to include physical puppetry was a definite hit. The use of puppetry mixed with the CGI was great, and really tied the beginning of the new trilogy to the original trilogy. CGI wasn’t overdone, and if you watch it in IMAX, they definitely made use of the 3D effects without being overtly over the top with it.
  • Nothing was overly explained. You either believe in the force, or you don’t, just like with the original trilogy.

I really want to talk about this movie, but I won’t, because you have to see it. Even if I were to try and spoil some parts of it, my portrayal of events would not do the film justice whatsoever. Just know that if you spend the money to go see it in theater, it’s definitely worth your money if you liked the originals in any capacity. The cast and crew did an extraordinary job, and I would put this film as one of the best, if not THE best, ‘Star Wars’ movie that I’ve seen, second only to ‘Empire Strikes Back’. But that’s a debate for another day. Go see it yourself and decide.


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