At E3, one of the things I got to play was ‘Super Mario Maker’, and it was easily one of my favorites from the Expo. I only was allowed to play for ten minutes (which actually is pretty long to play a game at E3, to be fair) but it wasn’t enough to make a solid conclusion on whether or not the game was GOOD.

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Prior to playing it, I was able to watch a presentation about the game, and watch a few people fail some handcrafted levels. I played on my own, and also failed those same levels (they were tough, but SO much fun). Just in time for Mario’s 30th Anniversary, ‘Super Mario Maker’ became available to buy today from the store, or for download, so of course I got it.

It’s so much more fun than I thought it would be. My kids are having a blast playing both the old school Mario levels, as well as the graphically newer ones. People’s imaginations are going WILD, and there’s some pretty cool stuff already out there.

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Thus far, I haven’t seen any disparaging remarks in the comments that you’re allowed to post, but I’m sure that could change within the time it takes me to write this. I built a couple of levels (they’re pretty easy because you have to actually PASS them in order to share them, and my ‘Super Mario Bros’ skills have definitely fallen to the wayside over the years) that a few people have already played. The replay value on this is so high, though, because there’s a million different combinations of enemies and blocks that you could place. And, as you add certain “Amiibos”, you unlock even more to play with.

This is definitely a “must buy” for any Nintendo WiiU owner, especially if you’re fond of the original ‘Super Mario Bros’ game. It’s also a great way for kids to play with the “old school” graphics and hear the music we oh-so-loved 30 years ago.

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