'Supernatural' Season 11
‘Supernatural’ Season 11

I’ve been watching ‘Supernatural’ for awhile. I’m a pretty big fan, though I know the series has had its ups and downs. There’s been questionable choices that fans have been ticked off about, but I’ve watched anyway. Because as soon as I’m wondering if I should even watch anymore, they come out with another episode that’s really awesome, and I keep watching. Before the “Deanmon” season premier, I kind of thought they were running out of ideas. I thought maybe this would be it. This would be the last somewhat decent season.

Then there was the season finale. I had expected some events, not so much others, but regardless I was once again pumped for the next season. It’s now been months, and I’ve been waiting for the next big thing. I finally saw it today: the trailer for Season 11. It’s everything I wanted, and possibly more. I’ll let you watch before making any other comments.

Cas punching out Crowley? Black veins? Crazy fighting? WHAT HAS THE DARKNESS DONE?! With everything the brothers have gone through, can they endure any more? It looks as though “Supernatural” will continue through Season 12 (and possibly longer), so will they take out the darkness by the end of this season, or into the next? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! I can’t WAIT for October, for more than my birthday and Halloween now.

Are YOU a ‘Supernatural’ fan? What do you think of the trailer? Are you still watching, or did you give up seasons ago? Comment below!



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