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‘Acceptance’ – MGO Book Club – March 2016
Alrighty, guys, we’re at the final book in the ‘Southern Reach’ Trilogy. It’s time for ‘Acceptance’ by author Jeff [...]
‘Authority’ – MGO Book Club – February 2016
  Alrighty, guys. I’m continuing the Southern Reach Trilogy by initiating ‘Authority’ (Book 2) as the successor for the MGO Book [...]
‘Annihilation’ – MGO Book Club – January 2016
It’s a new year and we’re back with a new book! I didn’t have a December 2015 book because of the holidays, but I’ve got a really [...]
‘One Second After’ – MGO Book Club – November 2015
Did everyone have a good Halloween? Yes? No? Ok, well, it’s already November now, so don’t worry about it. Instead, it’s time to delve [...]
‘Dhampir’ (Noble Dead) – MGO Book Club – October 2015
If you’re into vampires and vampire lore, then you’re well aware of what a Dhampir is. For those of you who don’t know, a dhampir is a [...]
National Comic Book Day
National Comic Book Day!
Happy National Comic Book Day everyone! Today celebrates all those hard working artists and storytellers with comic book geeks everywhere raving over their [...]
Extinction Horizon cover art
‘Extinction Horizon’ – MGO Book Club – September 2015
Alrighty fellow book nerds. I love apocalyptic books as much as I love sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural reads. This particular book has been a doozy for [...]