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I admit it… I’m playing WoW again (and I re-found my fave weapon)
I know, I know. I told myself, “Never again”. After quitting ‘World of Warcraft’ TWICE, and feeling burned by Blizzard for more [...]
Lucky Dice – Holiday Heads Up
It’s starting to be that time of year, where consumerism reigns and deals are made. So, why not get something worth it for yourself, or your loved [...]
Gaming comes in all shapes and sizes
Games in the real world – Building better strategists
Both people who enjoy video games and those who prefer board or tabletop games have known something that non-players haven’t for a long time – [...]
There are Ratings for a Reason
NOTE: This was previously posted on my blog, Myssiing Writes. This has been imported for relevance. I love my kids. And I love video games. I get [...]