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Where did I go?!
  Hey guys! Sorry for the long break. It’s summer, and that means it’s crazy around here, but we’re getting back to some semblance [...]
Women’s History Month – Heroines and Role Models
What Women’s History Month means to me As a woman who was born in the 80s and grew up through the new millennium, I can say I feel spectacularly [...]
Top Searched in 2015
Did you search for any of these? 2015 was a big year, and Google has the most searched items to prove it. As we close this year and look forward to 2016, [...]
There are Ratings for a Reason
NOTE: This was previously posted on my blog, Myssiing Writes. This has been imported for relevance. I love my kids. And I love video games. I get [...]
Oversexualization in Entertainment – Are we doing it to ourselves?
NOTE: This post was originally published on my blog, Myssiing Writes. This has been imported. Everyone who is a gamer is familiar with the [...]