Did you search for any of these?

2015 was a big year, and Google has the most searched items to prove it. As we close this year and look forward to 2016, let’s take a look at some of the biggest search terms (in the US), and break a few of them down.

Serious Business

There’s no doubt that some things that occurred this year will live on in the history books. Atrocities against humans and nature, caused by both humans and nature. The undying passion to be better as a person, a country, and a world. The never ending fight between people who think they’re right against those who they believe are wrong. Heavy hitting stuff.

Even if things didn’t happen in our country, we showed our compassion for others. The Paris Attacks being one of them. Collectively, we searched Google regarding the attacks almost 900 million times in the United States.

Water being found on Mars was also a hot topic, especially for those who one day dream of colonizing the Red Planet. We wanted to help Nepal after the terrible earthquake they experienced. And we were outraged when we found out about Cecil the Lion.

2016 is an election year, and no matter which side of the aisle you’re from, it’s been searched relentlessly. Election details ahead of the primaries have tallied up over 338 million searches. It’s no wonder, considering everyone is anxious to see who will lead our country amid all of the turmoil that is reported daily worldwide.

Fun and Games

There were some very light moments as well, from blockbuster movies to poorly drawn memes. Things that remind us that not everything has a dire consequence, not everything is black and white, and laughter is the best medicine.

Unsurprisingly, ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ was one of the top searched movies this year. (Darth Vader was the top searched character, even though he’s from the original trilogy.) We all preoccupied ourselves with an optical illusion by searching for The Dress.

Just Do It and John Cena lead the way for the top searched GIFs.

Whereas Pepe the Frog and Rickrolling top the list for memes.

Surprisingly (or not, whatever) Agar.io beat out Fallout 4 on searches for video games, and ‘Better Call Saul’ is the most searched TV show.

But what does it all mean?

It means we’re curious creatures. We want to know not only who the actors are in that movie we watched last week, but how we can help those across the world. It means that there are questions being raised after statements are made. It means we crave information. And it’s simpler now to obtain that information than ever before, because of search engines like Google. No, we don’t always ask the right questions, nor do we always receive the right answers. Sometimes our focus is more pointed towards celebrities lives than our own. Sometimes, we just a simple answer on how to use something instead of working on it and figuring it out on our own.

Sometimes we should just step away from the keyboard, take a walk outside, realize that another year has come and gone, and wonder what the future holds.


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