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Geeky - The MGO Geek Mascot
Geeky – The MGO Geek Mascot

From the Senior Editor — Let me introduce myself. My name is Tara, online name Myssiing. When I was a kid, being a geek wasn’t the popular thing to be. In fact, it was the exact opposite. So, I tried my best to escape my geekdom and be something, anything, else. I tried to be popular, but that was straight out. I never seemed to fit into any one particular group. It wasn’t until late in highschool that I finally embraced that I was, in fact, a geek through and through.

That’s when things took off for me. As an adult, it’s suddenly somehow popular and cool to be a geek. At first I was offended by this, as if people had intruded into my living room and started playing with all my stuff. But, I have learned to embrace it. And it has embraced me. I have met a ton of really cool people who do really cool things. I’ve been able to attend 3 E3 conventions. I’ve written articles for different publications. I co-host a tech based radio show. And I feel like I’m not done yet.

With this site I hope two things will happen. 1) I get an outlet to express all the different TYPES of geeky things I’m into, not just gaming and/or tech. 2) OTHER people get the chance to share in geekdom with others. I know it’s sparse right now, but I’m hoping the site grows exponentially, and most of all, that you enjoy it. Thank you.


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