I’m not usually into tabletop gaming. I have nothing against it, I’ve just never really found a group of friends who play, or have been particularly interested in some of the tabletop games I’ve briefly seen. However, my mind has been completely changed now that I’ve watched the first season of this show.

Brewcore - by Rayden Chen
Brewcore – by Rayden Chen

In “Titansgrave“, you’ll follow the actions of Lemley (a 17 year old girl with cybernetics and a fist dagger named ‘Dr. Lobotomy’), S’Lethkk (a half sauron/half orc magic user who is loyal despite his dark past), Kiliel (a half dwarf/half elf girl who wants nothing more than to find her real father), and Aankia (a sauron girl with a robot sidekick named Jeremy)– four comrades who get tangled up in an epic quest to save the world from a darkness that could consume all.

Not only are the characters well thought out, but the people who created them (Aankia – Hank Green, Kiliel – Alison Haislip, Lemley – Laura Bailey, and S’Lethkk – Yuri Lowenthal) have a great chemistry as a team. As you watch the show, you really start to feel as though you know the characters, and it helps watching their human counterparts’ expressions as they make tough decisions or have fun with five gold and a party.

To top it off, you have Wil Wheaton as an extraordinary DM. He pulls you into the world of Titansgrave with his epic tales he has woven, decorated with well thought out descriptions and well placed dialogue. He takes his job as the leader of the storytelling very seriously, and it shows how much he cares about the game.


If you get a chance, I highly recommend watching this series. As of this writing, they’re on break until the next season, so it’s a perfect time to get caught up. If you like fantasy, steampunk, or sci-fi, this is right up your alley. Even if you’re not particularly into tabletop, this could change your mind. At least it did for me.


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