There are a ton of dating apps out there for singles to use to find a hookup or a partner. Grindr, Tindr, Tumblr. (Ok, so the last one isn’t for dating, but there’s a missing vowel which follows the construct of current naming conventions that drive me crazy.) They all have different uses and come in different flavors of commitment (let’s face it, most of them are for one night stands). But this one takes the cake, or rather, the bacon.

Say, “Hello!” to your new dating app of choice, bacon lovers. Direct from Oscar Mayer comes, “Sizzl”. (Yes, I typed that correctly. There’s no “e” at the end.) It’s available to download now, so you can wake up to your bacon alarm clock, reach for your phone, and see what other bacon lovers might be in your vicinity and are possibly looking for love, and breakfast.

Mmm... bacon.
Mmm… bacon.

I honestly thought this was a joke when I saw the article on my Facebook feed. I had to look up several others just to verify that I wasn’t, in fact, going crazy. Though the fact remains that I may still be a little bit crazy, Oscar Mayer really has released an app called “Sizzl”. … Like sizzlin’ bacon. I get it. I just wish they would have kept the “e”.

Grammar and spelling aside, this interest based app could be pretty handy. Bacon lovers are pretty hardcore about their love of the meat of the Gods. It makes sense that they would want someone equally as into the salty crunch of well cooked pork. There are already bacon festivals, several bacon flavored goods, so why not an app?

Hey, if you get lucky, you may find some girls who look like this:

Or some guys who look like this:







Okay, maybe this wasn’t such a great idea after all, OM…

What do you think? Will you be using “Sizzl”? Sound off below, and don’t forget to hit up our Facebook or message Myssiing on Twitter!


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