If you’re into vampires and vampire lore, then you’re well aware of what a Dhampir is. For those of you who don’t know, a dhampir is a half blood vampire and human. The focus of our MGO Book Club book for October is a dhampir named Magiere, who has been earning a living as one of the best vampire hunters.¬†Delve into the world of vampires and fantasy to prep your mindset in time for Halloween. Join Magiere and her partner Leesil as they try to live a quiet life, only to be pulled into the game of vampire hunting once again.

Truth be told, I haven’t read this book in years. And, although I rarely re-read books, I’m more than willing to read this book again for MGO Book Club, because I enjoyed it that much. ‘Dhampir’ is the first book in the “Noble Dead” series by Barb and J.C. Hendee. I read the first three before losing one of them on the train a few years ago, so I’m glad to be going back to it. I have to start all over, though, because details are really hazy. So, why don’t you get your own copy on Amazon, and join me?


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