I’m usually very excited about new tech. With things like VR and 3D printing, it seems like we’re opening ourselves up to large strides in the scientific world. And yet, sometimes products come out that scare me a bit. When these particular products come out, it’s because of some post-apocalyptic or dystopian universe I’ve seen in a game or movie or read about in a book. Not usually a big deal. Until recently, when I’ve noticed how much tech is coming out that looks like it’s straight from the testing department at Aperture Laboratories.

Meet the Samsung Gear 360, or the miniature turret camera. It’s a pretty hefty little camera that takes 360 degree video shots, and not laser shots out of its singular eye. It will be really good for use with VR, or for protecting your home from invaders.

Another little creepy camera coming in the form of a ball is the LG Rolling Bot.

I’m just wondering if it became detached from GLaDOS on its own, or if it had a little help. Maybe it knows its existence is borderline terrifying and it’s trying to find the nearest incinerator to spare us all.

Steam is going one step further. They’re not just alluding to ‘Portal’, but actually using it to test if your computer is VR ready. Guess it’s fitting to have Aperture bots test your hardware…

It’s like everywhere you turn companies are slowly turning into Aperture. Even our future computer stations look fitting for Cave Johnson.

Behold, the Emperor. It’s an Aperture-like workstation fit for any tester. You can set up your whole network to this thing to keep tabs on all the test subjects, er, *employees* at your company. Just be happy GLaDOS herself isn’t the one at the helm.

Of course, you could always just dress up your phone, but good luck getting any Aperture Science Artificial Personality Constructs added to it. At least you know that it can’t move unless you’re holding it. Could you imagine? GLaDOS with legs or feet or wings?

You’ve got to be kidding me


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