One of my most popular articles on this site continues to be the ‘Mandela Effect‘ article, so it should come as no surprise that I’m intrigued by alternate universes, multi-theory, Virtual Reality and other simulated environments, and similar content.

That’s why I’m so excited to see ‘Maniac‘. If you haven’t seen the trailer from Netflix yet, here it is:


So, first off, I love seeing Jonah Hill and Emma Stone working together again – especially on a project like this. They are both extremely talented actors, and I can’t wait to see how they play all these characterizations of themselves in the different worlds they find themselves in.

Secondly, Sally Field. I know some people love her, some don’t. Regardless, she’s a talented actress and I was surprised to see her appearance in this.

Into the good stuff now. WTH is going on?! The trailers give us so much to work with, and yet so little. As the trailer basically states, they’re in some kind of clinical trial for some psychotropic drug of some sort, coupled with a computer simulation (which feels very ‘Matrix’ to me, by the way). Emma and Jonah seem to be put in various different worlds, as different people – most of which appear to not know each other, but they recognize one another. There are several flashes of scenes in their various forms, including Jonah sporting a mullet and Emma looking like she’d be at home in ‘Lord of the Rings’. Meanwhile, there are problems behind the scenes with the execution of the trials.


But, are each of the candidates in their own worlds? Are they all in shared worlds? Why don’t they want Emma and Jonah’s characters with each other in these worlds and why are they trying to separate them?

What kinds of mental issues do they have in the first place? What’s with the counter on the wall with ‘0.1’ and ‘0.9’? Are those test subject numbers? The number of rounds of questioning each of them have gone through?


Obviously, we’re not going to get those answers in a trailer. I know that. BUT I WANT MORE. I NEED ANSWERS. I NEED THE TRUTH.

So, kudos to Netflix for making such engaging trailers.

‘Maniac’ drops tomorrow, Sept. 21. I’ll be binging. Will you?


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