The future. It can be scary to think about. But ever since watching ‘Back to the Future’ when I was a child, I’ve been looking forward to it, and so have many other people. Specifically October 21, 2015, when Marty and Jennifer come to the future to save their kids.

It is different, isn’t it? People have been asking for awhile now where their self-lacing shoes and hoverboards are. Though Lexus has made a hoverboard, and Nike has some shoes of the self-lacing variety from the movie, we’re not quite where we thought we might be back in 1989 when BTTFII came out. This next video sums it up nicely. (There is a bit of language in it, just FYI.)

Yeah, not as great as we had imagined, though rarely does anything measure up to our creative imaginations. This isn’t the first time that the imagined future wasn’t what we thought it might be. Look at other pieces like ‘1984’. At least we don’t have that future (though some may argue that we do in a lot of ways).

But why are we so caught up in a fictionalized future, anyhow? I think it may be because when a lot of us saw the films, 2015 was in the foreseeable future, unlike other films like ‘Idiocracy’ which was set 500 years in the future (though, sometimes feels like it’s the present). It was a tangible date that we could actually imagine ourselves in. ‘1984’ was only written 35 years prior, but it was a dystopian future that nobody wanted. The BTTF future wasn’t unenjoyable. Sure, things were much different, but it wasn’t a future that we couldn’t imagine being in. And, c’mon, hoverboards.¬†Add that in with the fact that Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are great actors that really make you feel like you could get to know them, and you have a wicked future that most people would agree pretty much rules. Heck, my friends and I have used quotes from the movie in normal conversations for years.

So Happy ‘Back to the Future’ Day everyone! Have yourself a Pepsi Perfect and chill out. Maybe do a marathon of the trilogy. Or you could try to make a Delorean into a time machine. Who knows what the future holds for you?


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