October 15th is my birthday. This year, I’m turning thirty one. Being in my thirties has changed my view on a lot of things from even ten years ago. I can’t say I don’t love it, because I actually do, surprisingly enough.

This year, I’m doing absolutely nothing. It’s a Thursday, so I still have my day-to-day duties I have to fulfill. I don’t really feel like going out or having a party. Really, I just want to sit and play some video games for awhile and chill. But, before I do that, I’m letting out my inner fact-geek. Something I like to do is research mundane things, and sometimes I come out with some pretty cool knowledge. I encourage everyone to wiki-hop once in awhile. Anyway, here’s some cool little tidbits I found while doing some (very light) research on my birthday, and the year in which I was born.

I was happy to find that I share my birthday with some pretty prominent people, including:

  • Virgil – Roman poet
  • Friedrich Nietzsche – German composer, poet, and philosopher
  • Sarah – Duchess of York
  • Christian Allen – Video Game Designer
  • Original PSP – Video Game Advocate and all around cool guy

There are also a number of “holidays” that land on my birthday, some of which I highly approve. The biggest one is called “Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day”, and you can find the main website for that at October15th.com, or just by Googling it. My horoscope seems pretty spot on too, if you’re into that kind of stuff. (Just as a side note – In the Chinese zodiac, I was born in the year of the Rat. In my favorite book ‘1984’ [the year I was born] the main character has a problem with rats. And my name, “Tara” is “A rat” when spelled backwards. None of this really means anything to anyone besides me, but I thought it was cool anyway.)

A lot of historical events have happened on my birthday, most of which are just downright depressing if you ask me. On my exact birthday, there was a blizzard:

U.S. 1984 U.S.A. Colorado Blizzard Oct. 15th, 1984 : Three feet of snow falls near Colorado Springs. This snowfall was one of the earliest that this region ever experienced. Another foot of snow had fallen in the Central area of Colorado as well. As a result of these storms, numerous drivers were stranded, and a large region of the state was nearly shut down. – via The People History

Who knew that years later I would grow up and do a stint as a Meteorologist who forecasted for the Colorado Springs area?

The most “popular” (according to IMDB, though I’m actually not going to argue this) video game that came out in 1984 was ‘Duck Hunt‘.  When I was born, the movie ‘Teachers’ was winning the box office wars just before ‘The Terminator’ came out a couple of weeks later. I’ve never seen either.

I didn’t win anything, I was just posing. But someday, I’d like to win one of these.

If you or anyone you know shares a birthday with me (or has it in this same week), HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you enjoy yourself, and that you’re met with nothing but happiness and luck. ^.^



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