So, I was just perusing the internet, when I came across THIS at THIS WEBSITE.

Vizier Gaming Table -- Courtesy Geek Chic Furniture
Vizier Gaming Table — Courtesy Geek Chic Furniture

So, I had to share. Geek Chic Furniture has TONS of awesome stuff just like this on their page.

Think of it… You finish up dinner and want to play some Risk. BOOM! YOU’RE ALREADY THERE, BABY! Not only is it solid enough to entertain with dinner and drinks, but you can then provide entertainment afterwards. Geeky dinner party incoming, amirite? Seriously, this is the epitome of geeky furniture. Maybe the only other thing that beats it is this nice display cabinet also found on the site. Or, y’know, a whole bunch of gaming/movie/comic furniture ensembles. I’m just saying, I would totally buy this and keep it proudly in my dining room.

If only it weren’t so much money. 🙁


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