Hey guys! Sorry for the long break. It’s summer, and that means it’s crazy around here, but we’re getting back to some semblance of normalcy. In the meantime, I wanted to get you all caught up with things I’ve been doing.

1: The Computer Guru Radio Show now has a YouTube channel, and has been upgraded to a TWO HOUR SHOW! You asked for it, and we got it. 😀

2: I also have my YouTube somewhat up and running. I’m still having problems as far as recording, but I should have it ready to go soon.

3: I have become a Verified Creator for Creators.co (Movie Pilot / Now Loading) so head on over there for some awesomeness! I’ve written some really good articles, and I have some neat ones coming in the near future I think you guys will really like.

I promise I’ll be back on here and writing REAL soon, but for now the best way to keep up with me is through socials (Twitter / Facebook) or by catching up with my articles on Creators. Thanks everyone who reads this site! I appreciate it so much, you don’t even know.






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